To create a monster page:

1. Contribute / Add a Page

(Title of the page is name of monster)

2. Take a screenshot of the monster card in the in-game monsterpedia.

3. Crop the background out, and in the page you have just created on this wiki place the image of the monster card (align right, full size, no caption).

4. For the MAX DEF, MAX ATK text:

  • Navigate to an existing monster page, click edit, and copy the text.
  • Paste it on your page to the left of your image (as seen above).

5. Link the image on the page to the correct Element and Page # in the monsterpedia page. Again, see the existing monster page source code for an example.

6. Create a thumbnail for the monsterpedia page. Just crop out everything but the picture of the monster.

7. Place that thumbnail in the monsterpedia and link it to this page. I recommend editing the monsterpedia page from the "Source" perspective, but if you do this you must upload the image in the "Visual" perspective first.

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