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Anyone can help make the monsterpedia complete. To do so follow these instructions

To Contribute

-click contribute

-click add page

-The name of the page should be the same name of the monsterpedia monster.

-add the basic ATK basic DEF and MAX ATK and MAX DEF if known

-then go back and link the new page to the exisiting coresponding monster below ( if monster does not exist below you must create it first before creating a new page which then you would link it to)

-See the Red, Blue or Green Jelly pages for the template.

-When attempting to link to a R+ or C+ monster page, the page's name will not be recognized as an internal link. Just link to the url (external link type) instead of the page title.

-If you need any help trying to figire this whole mess out contact me

added by: igus1227


Page 1Edit

Red Jelly

Bronze Golem Skeleton Wraith Petite Red Sweet
Skeleton Fighter Jelly Beans Apple Fire Elemental Nagas Melusine
Gremlin Fire Giant Ettin Demon Spartan Dwarf
Troll Frankenstein Yula Yulara Leprechaun Fire Lizard Carbuncle

Page 2Edit

Fire Bug Fire Bird Dodo Minotaur Zu Veres Ragna
Garm Nightmare Ocelot Garuda Ovininque Audumbla
Red Jelly+ Bronze Golem+ Skeleton+ Wraith+
Fire Elemental+ Nagas+ Melusine+ Gremlin+

Page 3Edit

Fire Giant+ Ettin+ Demon+ Spartan+
Frankenstein+ Yula Yulara+ Fire Lizard+ Carbuncle+ FireBug+
Fire Bird+ Dodo+ Minotaur+ Zu+ Veres Ragna+ Garm+
Nightmare+ Ocelot+ Garuda+ Ovininque+ Audumbla+ Skeleton Warrior

Page 4Edit

Red Sweet Diablos Git Bag Jelly Dragon Jelly
Uroboros Garnet Dragon
Anat Brunchild Amanojaku Demeter Of Turkey Greeting Amanojaku

Page 5Edit

Ogre Ifrit High Demon Dominion Berserk
Vucub Caquix Jack'o Lantern Claus
Melkisedec Salamander Phoenix Minotaur Lord Fenrir
Dark Fenrir Lallaps White Rabbit Apophis Roc

Page 6Edit

Cacus Heat Mammoth Tuxedo Turkey Sebek Jambavat

Page 7Edit

Brunchild+ Theia[Sun]+ Amanojaku+
Demeter of Turkey+ Ogre+ Berserk+
Minotaur Lord+ Lallaps+ White Rabbit+ Apophis+

Page 8Edit

Roc+ Cacus+ Heat Mammoth+ Sebek+
Fire drake Hecatoncheir Balrog
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